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I caught you red moused.  You slither around acting like I’m not this ultrapertinent mountain towering majestically in the dead middle of your cyber thoroughfare.  You and your charisma-intimidated board buddies want nothing more than to convince your puny, dreary half-selves that I’m not the one, the sun, the only ever fucking human fireworks display in your historical vicinity.  It’s so fun to pretend, isn’t it?   Well you had me slighly fooled, for my catbird binoculars always try to consider all the possibilities, and wtf, I’m sometimes a little bit bored by meself lately – not often, mind you.  like once last Thursday maybe..

Then I checked how many times you’d been clicking on my mayhem and Holy bouncing baby with a bullet, guess who’s the king of the prom, the main untame foot-to-the-floor sensation …………… as usual

I felt gratified as I took a phantom bow to my storied past that had remained unashamed accumulating to the present I’m about to wrap.  All that I was is still one crisply rippling sail in the flourish of what I am.  I will never lose my way again.  If you try to change my course I will engulf you in the presence you stand in awe of.  You know how you feel about me and your shattered glass facade is only a roadsign flickering by on my landscape.  I don’t need to read you.  Where I’m going is for me to culminate, and you to ponder.


Posted January 14, 2011 by Dai rampant in angst, rant

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