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The Email I just sent to Bill O’Reilly   Leave a comment

title – Bill, you spout horrific propaganda


On Oct 29, you said in your Talking Points Memo…

“portray the USA as a police state. That is part two of the “Occupy” movement: First demonize capitalism, and tell the world how unfair the U.S. economic system is and then show the world the cops are fascist.”

This is total speculation which sounds like its coming from the wacko fringe which is apparently you. You can’t back that with proof in any way and you know it. That is not “the big plan” of Occupy and you are totally projecting and jumping to ridiculous conclusions to even suggest it.

Then amazingly, when your first guest Leslie Marshall said the Kochs back the Tea Party, you asked her for proof. She couldn’t deliver (Is she a paid liberal stooge or something?) but how can you not know that David Koch founded Americans for Prosperity and they sponsored a huge Tea Party event on Oct 2nd, 2010, among their other work with the Tea Party. Here, it’s on their own website.

You said to Leslie Marshall, “I want to remind you not to make statements you can’t back up on this network. We don’t do that on this network.”
You did it in your talking points memo. You do it throughout your show every night. Fox News does it 24/7. How about you back up your own garbage for once ?


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